Racist Hollywood Movies We Should All Re-Watch

Racist Hollywood Movies

Back when things were still real in Hollywood, everybody knew their place. They usually leaned to the racist side, but the black actors in the industry didn’t seem to mind because they got good roles. If you’re looking for a great brain purge before bed or even just some good conversation topics with your buddies out at the bar, here are the top 10 racist movies in Hollywood history.

Racism movies in Hollywood

Racism is a conscious or unconscious attitude of superiority of one person over another based on their skin color, origin, or ethnic background. You are usually not given the same chances as your white counterparts when you are black in Hollywood.

1.) The Birth of a Nation (1915) When I first saw this movie, it was on TV with an old black and white TV. The first thing I noticed was the color of the guy’s skin. The main character, Nat Turner, is played by a white man, and the only way the audience can empathize with him and relate to his story is because a white man plays him. The problem is, it’s a movie about slavery, and you need a black man to represent this. I think because of this, and the film gets a lot of flack.

2.) Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005) Nat Turner’s wife doesn’t have any lines in this movie.

She is just referred to as his wife, and that’s it. That’s not okay. There’s no way you can create a story about slavery and do that. As black women, we are the only ones who can relate to the level of slavery. I feel like this movie missed an opportunity.

3.) Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927) This is one of my most petite favorite black movies. It just doesn’t resonate with me. The main character is a black man, but the white woman who plays his wife is so over the top and ridiculous. I really can’t tell if she is supposed to be thought of as white or black. She says some lines like “I am pure white” and “I’m an American,” which came off like racist comments. The plot was ridiculous too. Why is the black man’s white wife in charge of him while he’s away on business? Why does he pretend to be a white man to get jobs? Why does she have a cook that serves them their meals? When a black man dies in a yellow fever epidemic, the white woman sends a telegram to her brother in Ohio because she’s afraid her husband will assume her brother has died. They have a black man pretend to be their son who dies in an accident; then they send a telegram saying that their son died. The black man’s white wife is afraid to leave him for fear of being ostracized, then decides to anyway because she’s too selfish. And they say that the main character’s wife is white? I don’t buy it. Anyway, this movie has some corny moments, but it has its good points too. I give it an 80%. Great film!

This is a great movie that you don’t want to miss.


“Promoting racial unity is hard in today’s world, but it is an important job for many to do. Many iconic racist films are worth re-watching to understand better the culture they promote. Hollywood movies are not exempt from this either.”

“The one thing I believe that Hollywood movies do right is that they showcase how being a true racist is one of the worst acts one can do because it will eventually get you shamed. As much as people are against current political agendas, it is impossible to be truly proud of yourself when you proudly show your racism.”


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