Tattoo – An Art to express yourself


    When your emotions turn into an Art, it is a Tattoo.

    The term tattoo refers to the practice of applying pigment directly onto a person’s skin. Tattoos are usually permanent, but some temporary tattoos can be removed with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. The word “tattoo” comes from an Aboriginal Australian language meaning ‘to mark.’ In English-speaking countries, it has come to mean anybody’s art that involves drawing on one’s skin. A tattoo artist uses special needles that inject ink under the skin’s surface. The color pigment used depends on what type of Tattoo you have: black, blue, green, red, yellow, brown, gray, white, silver, gold, copper, etc.

    What are the types of tattoos in practice?

    Tattoo art has evolved into different types:

    • Traditional Tattoos.
    • Modern Tattoos.
    • Tribal Tattoo.
    • Laser Tattoos.

    Some people prefer certain kinds of tattoos, while others do not like them. Some have no interest in getting tattoos but still want their friends and family members to know about it.

    What’s the Procedure for Making a tattoo?

    The procedure varies depending on whether it’s a traditional or laser tattoo. Traditional tattoos can last anywhere from two weeks to several months; however, most people choose them because they want something long-lasting. Laser tattoos tend to fade more quickly but also cost less money. Traditional tattoos involve drawing designs directly onto the skin with a sharp instrument called a “tattoo gun.” This method requires lots of practice and patience.

    Tattooing process in a tattoo studio

    What Else Should I Know about tattoos?

    You’ll need to live with it for life. It can also affect how people view you. Some people think they look better than others because their bodies don’t show signs of aging. Others feel self-conscious when wearing certain clothing items. Some people believe that tattoos are bad luck. They say that if someone has an unlucky number, they won’t succeed at something important. This belief isn’t true.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Prices vary widely among different types of designs, locations, and sizes. Fees also depend on whether you want it covered up later or exposed. Some people choose to pay more for larger pieces; others prefer smaller ones. Ask around at places where you might consider getting a tattoo, so you know how much you’ll need to spend. You can save money by choosing a location that has lower prices.

    What are the Risks of Getting a Tattoo?

    The ear lobe area is particularly susceptible to infections, and piercing through the ear lobes increases the chance of developing a disease. In addition, if someone gets their ears pierced before age 18, there’s an increased risk of hearing loss. If you’re considering having a piercing done, talk to your doctor about what kind of procedure will work best for you. Your physician should know how many times they have performed each particular course so that they can give you advice based on experience.

    What is tattoo removal?

    A tattoo is a colored pigment to create a permanent mark on your body. Tattoos are usually applied by injecting colored pigments under the skin’s surface using needles. The color may vary depending upon what type of Tattoo you have done. Some tattoos will fade over time, but others do not. If this happens, it is called fading. Fading occurs when the ink particles rub off the top layer of the skin, causing them to disappear.


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